eglChooseConfig call fails on a Linux, ubuntu


I am trying to run a sample code HelloApi from the PowerVR SDK, OGLES2, 64bit example on a ubuntu platform.
During runtime eglChooseConfig function fails when linked with PowerVR OGL (OpenGL) shared libraries. However, if the executable is linked with Nvidia OGL Shared libraries, the application works fine.

Hi uday,

When you say you are linking against OpenGL libraries do you mean GLES? Linking against OpenGL doesn’t make any sense for a GLES application.

The libraries provided with the SDK are GLES emulation libraries which dynamically load OpenGL in order to emulate GLES on desktop. An error in eglChooseConfig might indicate that your OpenGL driver is incorrectly configured. Can you tell tell me what error code is being returned from eglChooseConfig?

Hi Chris,

Sorry for delayed reply.

It was a typo, i meant GLES libraries only. eglChooseConfig returns a false, and AFIK it does not have the support of eglgeterror() function. Let me know if there is a way of tapping it