"failed to load GLES library" for glMapBufferOES

NOTE: I am using the Windows-based X86 emulation of OpenGL ES 2.0: OGLES2_WINDOWS_X86EMULATION_2.08.28.0634

I get an actual address returned for eglGetProcAddress(“glMapBufferOES”), but when I later try to call that function through the pointer, I eventually get a C++ runtime_error with the “what()” returning “failed to load GLES library”. I compared my initialization code with that of the sample OGLES2ChameleonMan, and I see nothing obviously different between the two.

Also, libEGL.dll and libGLESv2.dll live in the same directory as my .exe. In the VS2008 Output window, I do see this:

‘myProgram.exe’: Loaded ‘C:pathWhereMyExeIsBuiltlibGLESv2.dll’, Binary was not built with debug information.

… so it does appear to be getting loaded, but not sure what the “fail” is about.jbuck2011-07-08 08:22:45

It turns out that I simply needed to add this to my attrib list that I’m passing to eglChooseConfig:

#if defined(EGL_VERSION_1_3) && defined(GL_ES_VERSION_2_0)