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eglGetDisplay() issue


I run both the GLES1.x and 2.0 SDKs on my machine. The example code uses a win32 specific display ID (in fact it’s the device context from the native window handle). That works. What doesn’t work is EGL’s default display (EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY). GLES does work in the background but I don’t get any display in the window.

So is there a workaround or am I stuck with this?

Personally I think it’s a slightly broken implementation. If the device context is required (which is reasonable) then it can always be obtained from the window surface’s native window handle at the point dpy/ctx/srf are made current. So there is no reason that the default display shouldn’t generate output.



Sorry for very late response.

Currently situation looks like the way you have described. So passing EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY may not work under Windows. This is known issue and will be subject to reimplementation in one of our next releases (Internally the bug report was filed , BRN28615).Â

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