embedded opengl es on linux


I'm new ,i want to learn opengl,but now i don't know how to do it.My final aim is to use opengl on ARM,now how should i begin??IS there any difference between opengl ES and its embedded version???

Help me,thx~~~~waiting for your answer online....

OpenGL => For desktop
OpenGL ES => For embedded devices

ES is similar but definitely different than OpenGL for desktop. I recommend you start by learning OpenGL on a platform you are comfortable working with. If you want to target OpenGL ES devices downloading the PowerVR SDK is a must. They contain invaluable documentations, training courses and other demo source code.

The Khronos website contains the API reference and some examples too:
Take a look at that “Jellyfish From Outer Space” example for instance it’s perfect to get started.

If you are completely new to 3D Computer Graphics I recommend you start with ES 1.1 as ES 2.0 might be a bit overwhelming for newbies.

Good luck!

Thanks Slion, this is sensible advice, although I would recommend new programmers to dive straight into ES 2.0 simply because any new devices will support this API and the ES 1.x API is not compatible with the newer ES 2.0. Once past the initial learning curve, then ES 2.0 is a much more uniform API for learning more advnaced effects.


bset regards!It's useful to me

i want to where i can get the source code for the demo of POWERVR Insider Navigator Demo.For i am working on it .Wether it offer the source code for us???I have found that The POWERVR Insider SDK 2.1 offer the car navigator samples/but i can’t find the SDK2.1.where i can download it??