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Emulation for Vulkan in PowerVR SDK 2016 R1?


Hi folks,

After installing PowerVR SDK 2016 R1 and updating my graphics drivers on Windows, I am successfully able to run the various OpenGL ES demos (among “SDK Prebuilt Binaries”, such as “OGLESHelloAPI”, “OGLESExamplesUI”…)

The Vulkan demos, however, such as “VulkanHelloAPI”, crash. When running “VulkanIntroUIRenderer” specifically, I get the following log file :
[scode lang="{language}"]INFORMATION: Unspecified target API – Setting to max API level : Vulkan
INFORMATION : Number of Vulkan Physical devices : [0][/scode]

Maybe the demos need a real, full-fledged Vulkan driver ? I hoped the SDK would provide software emulation similar to provided on OpenGL ES, but maybe it does not ? I looked for the answer in the docs before posting.

(Issue was reproduced with 2 configurations :
nVidia GeForce GT 620M with latest drivers (350.12). OS is Windows 7 SP1.
AMD Radeon HD 7570M with latest drivers (15.20.1060)… OS is Windows 10.)

Thanks a lot for any feedback.


[blockquote]Maybe the demos need a real, full-fledged Vulkan driver ? [/blockquote]
That’s correct. As the Vulkan API works on desktop and mobile devices, our SDK uses the Vulkan drivers installed on development machines instead of emulation.

[blockquote]I looked for the answer in the docs before posting.[/blockquote]
I’ll ask our SDK team to make the requirements clearer for future releases.

Our OpenGL ES emulation doesn’t have a software back-end - it relies on the presence of OpenGL drivers.

I’ve had a look at the NVIDIA Vulkan driver page, but it looks like the GeForce GT 620M isn’t supported. According to the AMD Vulkan beta driver page, the HD 7700M is the lowest mobile GPU configuration they support.

Hope this helps,


Hi Joe, and thanks for your quick answer,

This was the impression I got ; thanks for clarifying this !

Indeed, it is accelerated ; think I really meant “emulation”, but a good choice of words is key :).

Too bad for me regarding the hardware support. I may have access to more recent hardware soon, though, and will be retrying with the SDK.