Error with Maya Export

    I am using Maya 8 to export a skeleton file, however, when I want to open it with PVRShaman, I got an unhandled exception error. Can anyone tell me what is going on? I am a newbie to this powerVR thing.
Thank you very much!!

Can you provide a bit more information about the problem you are experiencing, please?

Which version of PVRGeoPOD and PVRShaman are you using?(please provide build numbers in addition to the application’s version number. These can be found in the about menu of each application)

Are you trying to export skeleton animation without a mesh bound to it, or something similar?

If you send a sample Maya file, a screenshot of your export settings and the exported POD file you created to, I can look into this issue for you :)Joe2010-10-06 09:53:23

Hi, I am starting the project by building a skeleton that contains couple joints insides, and I could export the file successfully according to the console window but cannot display it using PVRShaman. The version of GeoPOD is 1.15 build and the version of PVRShaman is I will send the maya file and the export setting to the email address that you provided. Thank you 

I’ve only been able to reproduce the problem you have outlined with an older version of Shaman. The version of Shaman in our recent 2.7 release no longer has this issue.

However, there is currently no support in Shaman to render bones, and there is also a known bug that the Pod Info dialog box crashes when a POD file is loaded that contains no geometry (which should be fixed by our next release). As a work around, you should be able to open the Pod Info dialog box in Shaman if you export some geometry (such as a single triangle) in your POD scene, but this will provide little benefit as you can query the same information using the POD loading code we provide in PVRTools (as used in IntroducingPOD and Skinning training courses). Rendering bones within a pod file is planned for a future release of Shaman.

Thank you for replying. And another concern that I have is can I still use the powerVR simulator to render the bones since it cannot be proper displayed in PVRShaman.  

Yes. You would just need to create polygons for each of the bones within the POD file so that you can render them. We do not have an example of this in our SDK, but it should be fairly straight forward to implement.

Another option is to create geometry for each bone in Maya and only allow each geometric shape to be affected by a single bone. This may be useful for a quick test, but if you need to regularly debug bones in your application, it is probably a better solution to add bone rendering to your application’s engine.