Shaman - No Animation


I’m using the PVRGeoPOD plug-in for Maya 2012 64-bit to export my animations. I seem to have done everything I could find in the documentation, however, once into Shaman, I can press the Play button, but whatever animation I had does not play. I’m a bit at a loss as to what I should do at this point to get my animation to go through with the POD file. Thanks for any help you can provide!

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did you tick animation in the dialog box exporter in model space ?

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As I said, I went through the PVRGeoPOD docs. On my first export I didn’t check it, so when it didn’t work I searched the document. Ticked the animation box (and the other options after a few failure attempts), and what happened is that I could now press the Play button in Shaman, and it would play for the amount of frames I had in my animation, however the animation itself did not play.

are sure you are in model space when yur export because in world space coord it will not work of course

Yes I’ve tried both modes.

did you try to export in Collada format and the use PVRGEOPOD ?

it work pretty well

I exported straight away through PVRGEOPOD, I’ll try go export in Collada. Thanks.

good luck

Alright I have some improvement there, however it seems only my character’s center of gravity is animated. When I preview the animation in Shaman the character is posed however the only animation comes from the COG. Arms, head and feet don’t have the animation.

Edit: Nevermind that was because of IK. Baked the animation, everything’s animating properly. My only problem now is that for some reason the animation runs over 30 frames in Shaman instead of 24, but that’s probably a problem somewhere in my options. Thanks a lot, DGU!

export the POD with changinf evry value to the float… i faced this kind of problem initially, then i chnge everything to float while exporting and tick the animation also… that solves my problem. it too late reply, i hope u already sort that out…