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Exported POD different in Windows / Mac PVRShaman



We are exporting an animated character from 3ds Max 2009 and 2012 with the same results. The character is quite high resolution with about 40-50 bones. We are using a matrix palette size of 14.

In the Windows version of PVRShaman, the model displays fine and animates correctly however on the Mac version the model is sometimes missing faces, or transforming incorrectly when animating.

Is there any reason why there would be a difference between the two? The POD file is being exported from Windows obviously and our artist is using a biped rig in 3ds Max.

I should also note, the models render fine in IOS 5 on the device and simulator but in IOS 4.3 or 4.3.3 they glitch out. I was hoping someone might know where to start?



There should be no difference in the render between these two versions of Shaman as the code is shared. What graphics cards are you running on the Mac and PC? We have noticed some issues with skinning on ATI cards.

Would it be possible for you to send us the offending POD file to and we’ll take a look at it?

Many thanks.Arron2012-02-29 12:41:57


Hey again,

The PC with 3ds Max has an ATI HD 4870 X2. My Mac has a Nvidia GeForce 9400. Would the issues with ATI cards affect the exported .POD? As in should we be exporting from a non ATI machine?

I will try this regardless and post the results up.

I can’t send you the POD in question unfortunately (not allowed due to company policy), but we can possibly send you a non game asset with the results duplicated. I’ll look into it.


For anyone who experiences this issue, we fixed it by selecting the skin modifier and clicking ‘Remove zero weights’ in the advanced parameters section.

Perhaps you can offer some insight into why this would affect the exported POD. Not even that, why would it display errors on IOS 4.3 but be fine on IOS 5.0 if there was something wrong with the POD or data?reapz2012-03-02 05:02:27