Exporting pod to obj/3ds/whatever

Listen I’m gonna be frank here I’m not really using these set of programs to do anything I was really intended to do, and I’ll just cut to the chase.

As far as I know this is one of the few programs that reads pod files as 3d models instead of documents, which makes it that much harder to find a converter to bring it out of pod to something like obj or 3ds. Through some means I’ve got about 2500~ pod files now that I can’t really use because I can’t figure out how to convert them with shaman (or any of the other programs if they can)

Can someone please help me out here by showing me how to export to my desired format or point me towards a exporter that could? Thank you so much.


POD is not intended to be an “interchange” format but just a “deployment” format to be streamed into the graphic API. It is not intended to be converted to any other format.
Said this, the format and the code to load it are open source so you could write your own exporter quite easily. I would recommend to port it to 3DS as it follows a similar “token” structure than POD. 3DS is quite old and limited but it is supported everywhere. I have attached a little python script that converts POD to a json file. It might be a good starting point.



jPOD.zip (4.0 KB)


Thank you for the script and insight! I guess a jumping point is better than nothing hahaha.