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Firmware debugging methods



Now I’m doing some stuffs about upgrading DDK version from 1.5 to 1.8.
After loading DDK firmware by API request_firmware API in kernel space, there is no error returned. But when polling bFirmwareStarted flag, it’s always timeout. I tried to set bFirmwareStarted flag at the begin of firmware main function. It still failed. So I guess firmware bin file only be loaded into kernel, but it was not executed.
How to confirm whether firmware bin file is executed successfully or not? I can’t find any logs related to firmware code. Can you give some tips about firmware debugging method, or share some documents about firmware porting issue?




Could you please give us some information about the device you are trying to upgrade i.e.the platform model (SoC), operating system etc.

Unfortunately I cannot give out any documentation about our DDK. If you have an NDA with us then we may be able to give you additional support if you raise a ticket in our developer support system here:

Kind Regards,


Hi Shaun,
Thanks for your rapid reply.
I may lost something about NDA, I think it may be owned by our other team. I will ask my leader to help request an NDA, which will take some time to communication. My hardware platform is Merrifield. Soc product name is Tangier. Software environment is Android FeldSpar + Linux kernel 4.4 + DDK1.8.
Currently mostly upgrade jobs have been completed, Just blocked at firmware booting. After reading some firmware code, We got DDK1.8 firmware was running on Meta processor. If we have some data sheet documents about Meta processor, we may get a quick solution.
Looking forward to your reply.