Exporting Problem


I have tried exporting from maya and max both a simple Sphere. I have a sample file in which the data exported of a sphere is quite bigger than the file that i am getting while exporting. Such as in mine file i am not getting the camera information and the additional information like

const SPODMesh c_SPHERE_FIXED_HMesh[1] =





          { (int*)0, (int*)0, (int*)0, 0, 0 },



What is the problem ?

Is there any way to post my file so you can see what is the problem?


Which version of PVRGeoPOD are you using for Max and Maya?

I can investigate this issue for you if you send your Max, Maya and exported POD files to devtech@imgtec.com


JoeJoe2010-07-27 10:28:21