How to get pod file to be display with windows XP

I have downloaded the PowerVR Graphics SDK(OGLES2_WINDOWS_PCEMULATION_2.02.22.0756) and tried to replace a pod file that I made to the one in a demo. However, it did read the pod file but, did not display the object. I have been trying to find out what is the problem, but still cannot find the problem yet. I will write down what we have done to make it work in the following.

Doew anyone know what is wrong with it. Here is the steaps that I took,

1.       Export “dae” file from Truespace7.6(free tool)

2.       Convert the “dae” file into “pod” file by using "Collada2PodGUI"

3.       Convert the “pod” file that we made into cpp file by “FileWrap.exe”

4.       Import the pod and cpp files into the demo’s project

5.       Change the pod file name, which is read in the source code

6.       Run the program

If anybody knows the correct steps to render the object, please tell me.

Thank you.