how to run an OPENCL c application on ODROID XU with android platform.

can any one guide me how to run opencl c app on odroid xu board with android platform, i didn’t find library in android, but found in /vendor/lib folder.

  1. how to compile the opencl c function for odroid xu board ?
  2. is is library related to opencl? if so then is it having same functions as ?

Hi Shabuddin,

HardKernel should have this generated in the image for the ODROID-XU, as we don’t provide it (multiple OpenCL implementations can exist on one device, so they should provide the ICD layer). However, because this particular device only has our implementation you have two options:

  1. Add a symlink to to your image.
  2. Link directly to

    Either of those will give you access to the OpenCL functions.