I find some bug of the es1.1

I have downloaded the SDK for PC Emulation  Windows XP -OpenGL ES 1.1.

In the TrainingCourse folder, I use the third code --- 03_IntroducingPVRShell, I add a WM_LBUTTONDOWN message in the code, want to pop-up a common dialog of thes windows, and like following:

   char szFile[255];
   ZeroMemory(&ofn, sizeof(OPENFILENAME));
   ofn.lpstrFile = szFile;
   ofn.lpstrFile[0] = '';
   ofn.nMaxFile = sizeof(szFile);
   ofn.lpstrFileTitle = NULL;
   ofn.lpstrFilter = "All*.*Text*.txtImage*.bmp";
   ofn.lStructSize = sizeof(OPENFILENAME);
   ofn.hwndOwner = hWnd;
   return 0;



the issue come out: the first I click the left of my mouse, my father window's graphics will disappear, It will not appear again until I close the pop-up dialog.

It only have the issue when I first click the mouse,  the later all the things are ok.


I want to know if  I do is ok? If not , please  give me some suggestions.


    In the same condition with OpenGL 1.5 on Windows,  have no issue.



I have tested this and it works fine for me.

You should add your code in the PVRShellOS.cpp file. Do a searck for WM_LBUTTONDOWN. Once you have found where it is used in the WinProc callback function, just paste your code on it.






I done like you said, but it is the same result with my issue.
When the first click mouse,I know the common dialog pop-up succeed, the 3D scene's color is white, and have nothing, in fact there is a yellow triangle in the middle.

  I capture a picture,  you can see it is white


Then the second click mouse, all the things are ok, the triangle display,the color is ok.

As a contrast,  I capture a picture .


I want to know ,why the first is error?


sorry for that ,  maybe you can’t see the picture, so I give you the web address

picture 1: http://img.blog.163.com/photo/gckg9xrFo4ANf0YXG7j79Q==/1204994375298800151.jpg

picture 2:



This problem only happens on WinXP or Vista with ‘classic desktop’. This is due to these styles not keeping the content of the parent window in a buffer (which is done properly on the new Vista styles). I do not know why this works fine on your OpenGL application. There might be differences when you create your windows and manage the ‘OpenFile’ dialog.
This is just a Windows issue and we do not think it is related to our emulation library.

Best regards.




Thank you answer,


   In the OpenGL application, I use the wgl library, and have no error.  the only difference between my OpenGL application and OpenGL ES application is that Opengl use the wgl and the ES use the egl,  I don't think it is windows issue, It is only my opinion.



This is a very strange issue because there should not be much  difference between wgl or egl… I will file this issue as a bug and an engineer will have a look at it as soon as possible.

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This problem only happen when first pop-up the common dialog,  the dialog that created by myself and create by the API of MessageBox()  is ok,  but the second pop-up the common dialog is ok.

If the first pop-up dialog is a non-common dialog, then pop-up the common dialog, all the things are ok.

Many thanks for the extra details.




We looked at this issue but we have not been able to replicate it. We added to our tracking system as BRN26956 but we are closing this bug.

Best regards.