I found a problem convertind bmp to ETC2


I have a question.

When I Converting bmp to ETC2 just Slow speed. I can find some noise on the output file.

but I converting Fast speed. I can not found noise.

What do you think about this problem.

and I have known that your tex tool support just power of two size photo.

last Firday I can convert 1024 X 600 size bmp photo to ETC2

Your new sdk support other size such as 32 X32, 64 X64, 128 X128, 256 X 256 …

plz answer to me.



A similar issue was found recently, and will be fixed in the next release of the SDK. I suspect this is probably the same thing, but without a test image I can’t be certain.

Could you file a feedback item in our ticketing system (https://pvrsupport.imgtec.com) and provide a test image? If you’re not comfortable sharing the image publicly, you can also login and submit a private ticket instead.



Hello Tobias…

Sorry I’m late to reply your comment.

now I’m asking my senior about sharing image file.

When he allow about that. I’ll share image.


oops. I have 1 question.

When I use trascode API. I can find memory leak…

just It occur converting ETC2…

4bpp converting… it’s ok… Do you know this problem??


No problem! No need to rush :slight_smile:

As for the memory leak, is this just when you’re using the GUI? There’s a slightly related memory leak which will trigger on encoding: launching the diff view window. I double checked the ETC encoder itself and it doesn’t appear to be leaking when I try it - if there was a problem it’s not there now.




I was develop converting program.

When I Input the script file which is writing index, bmp file path, format type, quailty…

This program is converting all images written on script file.

first time I was test 4bpp type.

I can converting about 1300 pictures. (picture size is 1024 * 1024, 32bit, bmp image)

Using memory size between 26,000kb – 42,000kb

second time I was test ETC2 type.

I can converting about 130 pictures. (picture size is 1024 * 1024, 32bit, bmp image)

Using memory size increase……

Using memory size reach about 1,900,000kb program is down.

It just checked on window task manager…

This code is part of my code.

Bool ConvertPVRTC(BYTE *pData)


PVRTextureHeaderV3 v3Header;

v3Header.u32Version = PVRTEX_CURR_IDENT;

v3Header.u32Flags = 0;

v3Header.u64PixelFormat = PVRStandard8PixelType.PixelTypeID;

v3Header.u32ColourSpace = ePVRTCSpacelRGB;

v3Header.u32ChannelType = ePVRTVarTypeUnsignedByteNorm;

v3Header.u32Width = w;

v3Header.u32Height = h;

v3Header.u32Depth = 1;

v3Header.u32NumSurfaces = 1;

v3Header.u32NumFaces = 1;

v3Header.u32MIPMapCount = 1;

v3Header.u32MetaDataSize = 0;

CPVRTextureHeader textureHeader(v3Header);

// Make max_MIPMAP_level


CPVRTexture sOriginalTexture(textureHeader, bitmapBody); //bitmapBody is rawData

GenerateMIPMaps(sOriginalTexture, eResizeLinear, max_MIPMAP_level);


ePVRTCSpacelRGB, eETCFast)

//delete bitmapbody

//success transcode file write and return true;

//fail trnascode return false;


So I double checked, and I’m not sure how (it wasn’t happening when I tried before), but I managed to reproduce the memory leak. So I looked into it and found the leak, and have fixed it for the next release (which should be out in the next week or so). Sorry for any confusion my first responses caused!