If i could get the pdb files on windows with the libGLESv2.dll and libEGL.dll?

I am working on with the pvrvframe Emulator driver on windows, and I should have memory diagnosis with vs 2017
,no pdb file can not detect any dll mem use cost on vs 2017, so it’s that possible I can get the pdb files?


Sadly we do not distribute any symbols files with our public releases. You should be able to to see the profiling data, but not the functions names within the library.



thx for your reply
And there is another question, why the performance is slow down after 2014 versions, I am not sure about which version became slowly, But I have an version of 2014, the performance is almost as the same as directx, as I make compare, now time versions speed more about 4~5 times down than 2014 version, I don’t know what happened? was the driver been rewritten ? or It’s has any hidden high performance init param can ignore some checks make speed up not public? maybe my guess wrong

the old driver build shaders report wrong line, and can not take frame snap by intel gpa and performance is good, the new driver build shaders can report exact the right line hint, and can take render frame snap by intel gpa, but the performance is poor, is there have any perfect driver version?

Hi Tony,

We do not know why your application goes slow with newer versions of PVRVFrame. Probably it is caused by any of the API features you use that due to a fix (or to make it conformant) probably requires conversion of data. It is difficult to tell. Could be possible for you to share a binary with us so we can have a look? You can use our ticketing system here: https://pvrsupport.imgtec.com



I’ve sumit the bin files to the ticketing system
link here

expect for your check and reply

Best Rgards!