Intel GMA 3600

Is there any plan to provide Linux drivers for the GMA3600?? Or in general, why don’t you provide adequate support to Linux?

Unfortunately, we cannot directly support requests for drivers on our customers’ platforms. It is our customers’ responsibility to release drivers for their own platforms and to determine when the drivers on a given platform will be updated. You should contact Intel to see if they can provide suitable support.


They point at you and you point at them. Meanwhile, all of the GMA 3600 and GMA3650 users are stuck with unstable or function-poor graphics. Please don’t tell me that you expect ALL of the Linux distributions to create drivers on their own.

I’m sorry @Texadactyl but all I can say is what I’ve already said. We can’t release drivers for our customers platforms, it us up to them to implement, release, and support them.


In this case, the “customer” is Intel, the folks who developed the motherboard. Agree?

Yes, that would be correct.