PVRTexToolCLI failing to generate ASTC with astcenc v2.0

This underlying tool for ASTC encoding was recently updated, and the command line arguments were changed on some of the options. This causes PVRTexToolCLI to fail when calling it to encode. Since I can’t see the command line that PVRTexTool sends, this is likely easier to track down and fix on your end.

This was on macOS Catalina 10.15.6, and when installing the new astcenc you have to chmod 755 on it, and launch it once from Finder to create a security exception for it. Otherwise Catalina will block running astcenc. I renamed astcenc-avx2 on an avx2 capable MBP 16".

Hi alecazam123,

Unfortunately, due to licensing we didn’t have the option of integrating ASTC encoding directly in our library. However, now the license from ARM is apache 2.0 so in the upcoming release, 20.2, this won’t be an issue anymore as ASTC encoding will be built into texlib

So this means there won’t be any more security/permission issues and the PVRTexTool CLI won’t need to rely on any outside components, everything will be self contained.

The 20.2 released is currently planned for September.

Thank you.

Very nice Omar. That will be nice to have it all in one. If possible, I’d just make sure you try to pick the avx2 path, since it’s supposed to be 3x faster on encode.

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