I've heard about a GLSL ES disassembly compiler package. Where can I get it from?

I’d like to download the GLSL ES disassembly compilers so I can get the best possible performance out of my shaders. How can I access this package?

Our Series5 & Series5XT package of disassembly GLSL ES compilers are available under NDA. To get the packages, you should follow these steps:

  1. Signing our NDA: Please follow the instructions listed on our Developer Support portal landing page

  2. Register for the Support portal: Once the NDA is in place, you must then register for our portal. It's worth noting that a new user name and password will be required (i.e. you can't login with your forum credentials). If you don't already have access to the disassembly compiler package from the Downloads page, you should file a ticket to discuss this with us