Mac OS X build error: Conflicting types for 'glShaderSource'


I have freshly downloaded the InsiderSDK 3.1. Building iOS projects works fine - the show up on the simulator nicely.

Now when I try to build the Mac OS targets I get the following error:

Conflicting types for 'glShaderSource’

I have tried with “IntroducingPVRTools” and “Water”.

I am working on Xcode Version 4.6.2., Mac OS 10.8.3

Thanks a lot for any help!



Hi Dan,

This is because the OpenGL ES group updated the gl2.h header to include a new “const” keyword in this function. Apple updated their headers before we did, which is causing some issues with compatibility. If you go to the OpenGL ES Registry ( you can download updated headers from there. Simply put these in the “Builds/Include/GLES2” folder in your SDK installation, overwriting the originals. This should allow you to properly build the demos.



Thanks Tobias,

that did the trick! Works like a charm now.