Mesa for VisionFive2

Hi, guys, can mesa pvr run on visionFive2 now? Now I’m using, but I met some issues when running vulkan apps with my own vulkan wsi layer, crash happen inside So I’m wondering when will mesa pvr opensource driver be ready for visionFive2( IMG BXE-4-32 MC1), thanks!

I think it’s all closed still.

Hi Xuelian,

Welcome to the PVR Developer forum. At this moment, we don’t have any updates to provide regarding the mesa pvr opensource drivers for our new architecture. We will keep you posted here in case there be any developments.

Regarding your crash, we’re happy to assist diagnose if you can write to us explain the details about the issue while attaching the execution logs, binaries or PVRCarbon recording to the email address:

Best Regards,