TI AM62 Open Source AXE-1-16M GPU driver

we are about to developing a device with the TI AM625 having the AXE-1-16M GPU on board, wich will run a Qt application.

So therefore it would be nice to get some information about the mesa driver.
According to this post PowerVR Open-Source Vulkan Driver Adds Support For The TI AM62 SoC - Phoronix, i asume it is mainline since Mesa 22.2, am i right?
It also says that its still work in progress, do you might be able to give me some imformation about the current status? known bugs/limitations or so on?

I have also seen that there is some work going on for the kernel mode driver, any informations on this? is it about to go mainline?

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Yes, that article is correct and our open-source drivers were up-streamed to Mesa 22. As you can see from the Mesa repository, there is constant activity making the drivers better. This includes improving the robustness of the kernel mode drivers, better support for compute and full conformance. As you say, it is still work in progress. Sadly I cannot give you more details beyond what is in the public domain.

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hi carlos,
thank you for your reply.

so if i understand it right and to sum it up real quick, the driver is ready to use for the TI AM625
and some improvement are about to come. right?

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Yes, you should be able to use those drivers on the TI AM625 if you are not very demanding :slightly_smiling_face:



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The driver is working on kernel 5.10 for the PowerVR GX6250, Mediatek mt8173
It is using the same firmware files as ChromeOS, version 1.17/1.18

For the newer build k6.1 TI has modified the firmware files to 23.1/23.2 version.
And rgx,fw. and sh are not working anymore.

But usable on kernel 5.10.
link: services: axe_am62: Active power management - graphics/ti-img-rogue-driver - Graphics related projects on TI platforms - Driver for Imagination Rogue GPU on Texas Instruments SoCs.
Parts of same code are used in the driver for 6.1, and even mentioning they have to consider backwards compatibility, so the firmware files of 1.17/1.18 should work on 6.1

Renesas has also a driver for their RG boards… (Guess all same PowerVR Rogue)
Google (Mediatek), TI, Renesas are all using same firmware, except for version number (or board config)

If those OEMs have the drivers (llvm-pipe) working, mediatek is supplying fbdev/modesetting driver, seems ImgTec takes too long to ‘develop’.

I am trying to download the Acer R13 Android SDK Image from ImgTec website for almost a year, always under maintenance.
Running kernel 3.18-4.4 with original driver is not a problem.
Does anyone has the Android Acer R13 PowerVR image for download?

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Hi Accumulator,

We are looking into the broken links. We will get back to you soon.