multiple render targets


Does PowerVR SGX support multiple render targets (MRT)?

If yes, can any one know where can I find examples of MRT?


Hi there,

POWERVR SGX does support MRTs technically, but unfortunately they are not exposed in the OpenGL ES 2.0 core.

rys2010-03-26 18:00:04

Thanks, rys. I know GLES 2.0 core does not support MRTs, but it is defined in the extension set. So is there any way that we could use MRTs on POWERVR SGX? Say dedicate developing system or drivers…

Or, if it is not exposed in OpenGL ES 2.0, then what other API could enable this capability? Thanks.

Bumping the thread asking if MRTs still are unsvailable?

Hi JackAsser,

Currently there is still no functionality that enables this capability in Open GL ES on our devices.