Navigation Tools - Help Required

Hi there,

I’m interesting in building up my own 3d navigation demo using a combination of road splines and building floor-plans. I’ve taken a look at both your 2d and 3d examples and believe I understand how they work. However, I’m slightly confused on how you generate the relevant data. I’ve taken a look at your Navigation Techniques document and there’s a section detailing the pipeline and tools you used.

IntermediateFormatConverter.exe [InputDirectory] [OutputDirectory]

With this tool, what should I have for the Input Directory? I’ve downloaded the Paris sample data from NavTeq, which I believe is in RDF format, but your tool doesn’t recognise it. Should I load the rdf data into a database first (e.g. MS SQL Server) or look at using a different format entirely? I’ve also downloaded the Chicago sample data, which I believe is in a different format, but that consist of numerous different folders. Again, if using this data, which folder should I point the above tool towards or, more specifically, what data and in what format should I point the tool towards?

If you could point me in the right right - either on how to use the supplied tools or where to get the correct source data - I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for your help,


Hi Jonathan,

I’ve been using the Chicago data (and tested with the Paris data as well) in the ArcView (shp, shx, dbf) format.

Just extract the data into a directory and point the conversion utility to that directory.

If you are only using the 2D navigation tools I’d recommend sticking to the 2.7 release, as the index configuration file found in the 2.8 release for the 2D navigation tools is faulty. Besides that the 2D tools haven’t changed.

Hope that this helps! (if it doesn’t please don’t hesitate to ask)