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Navigation3d sample


Dear Team

I try to rebuild from scratch the sample given in the Navigation 3d sample but the scenedescription file  given is outdated and refere to files that are not there.

It will be very cool if you could post simply here the 
like :
2   CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_008_015_H.DAE.pod   CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_008_015_L.DAE.pod 
etc etc 

this sample is really good by the way.



Sorry i was being lazy but i dont nderstand how you defin the second LOD   (collada i suppose )

# Number of models (counting different LOD levels as 1)

# Directory containing various LODs of the models

# Number of LOD levels, then files going from highest to lowest LOD
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_008_015_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_008_016_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_009_014_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_009_015_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_009_016_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_009_017_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_009_018_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_010_014_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_010_015_H.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_010_015_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_010_016_H.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_010_016_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_010_017_H.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_010_017_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_010_018_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_011_013_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_011_014_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_011_015_H.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_011_015_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_011_016_H.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_011_016_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_011_017_H.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_011_017_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_011_018_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_012_014_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_012_015_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_012_016_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_012_017_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_013_015_L.DAE.pod
1 CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_013_016_L.DAE.pod

dgu2012-11-01 13:36:34


Hi David,

if you look at the original example you can see that the number at the beginning of the line indicates the number of LODs and the following filenames represent the LODs in an descending order, e.g.

2   CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_008_015_H.DAE.pod   CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_008_015_L.DAE.pod   

'2' indicates that there are two LODs and 'CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_008_015_H.DAE.pod' represents the more detailed and 'CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_008_015_L.DAE.pod' represents the lower detailed version of the model.


marco2012-11-01 15:11:12


thanks alot this part is super clear now