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Dear Team

i am able to reproduce the sample navigation application(the 3d version) using the 3d scene compiler and the occlusion problem.

But when i use my own pod nothing is working the rendering is mess up , may you tell me the requirement on the geometry of the meshes ???

i followed the naming convention about BUILDING and TERRAIN as well.

may you help me to determine the steps missing or any particular requirement not in the doc ? ?

Kind regards

david Guimard


Any answer about this good tool :slight_smile: ?

Sure there is a lot of method to achieve this , i only wanted to see if the tools work from scratch without need to touch the code :slight_smile:

hierarchy are needed and the coordinate are flip as well.


Hi David,

Does your POD file render correctly in PVRShaman? Are you exporting the data required for the Navigation 3D rendering (vertices, indices, normals and one channel of UVs)?

Can you post a screenshot of your expected render and the broken render?

The COLLADA format is very flexible, which leads to exporters creating COLLADA files in slightly different ways. If the generate POD does not render correctly in PVRShaman, then the COLLADA to POD conversion is the source of the problem you’re seeing.




Hello Joe

I will send to you the picture , i should warn you that it s pretty awfull :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

the things is , that using your pod(s) i am able to do the process end to end, using mine and trying to imitate your Hiearchy of naming building , it doesnt work at all.

i will sent you an email if you agree about this prob.




No problem :slight_smile:

Sure - email us your files.

Have you checked that your POD files renders in PVRShaman? I’ve got a feeling that its the conversion to POD that is the problem. The navigation code merely renders the POD data. The object culling should not cause any rendering artefacts (other than possibly drawing the wrong objects, if there is a bug).




Tahnks for your quick answer ,

Hello , Yes i did check it ,everything is fine at this level.


Hi David,

Are you using the same options as those detailed in the 3D Navigation whitepaper?

-Indexed=1 -Interleaved=1 -ExportGeometry=1 -ExportMaterials=1 -ExportNormals=1 -PrimitiveType=TriList-PosType=float<br />
-NorType=float -UVW0Type=float 


Hello Joe ,

no i didnt follow that one because i am using max format and not collada so i thought it will be enough ?.

I am going to redo the process starting point from the collada format then.




Hi David,

Exporting directly from 3DS Max shouldn’t be a problem. You just need to make sure that the same options are used when exporting (these can also be selected through the PVRGeoPOD GUI interface).





i spent my saturday trying to figure out how make it work .but no success . all geometry are place to the same location , the canera motion is inverted .

i miss something



Hi David,

If you can send us a reproduction of the issue you are seeing, we can look into it for you. Without a full understanding of how your POD file is being loaded and rendered, it’s difficult to speculate what might be causing the problem.




thank you very much

I will prepare a detailled step and resources,



Hello ,

i sent the resources at your email adress , did you get it ??

thanks alot



Hi David,

It hasn’t made it to our inbox. I’ve contacted our IT team to see if it has been blocked by our spam filter.




Hi David,

Can you resend the email to our address?





i just sent it ,




any news ?


Hi David,

We’ve now received your assets. I’ll try to look into the issue ASAP.