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OcclusionCalculator please


Dear Team

may you tell the command line that you used to generate the sample Navigation 3d
all test that i have done failed by my side following the mandatory argument described in the source code.

thanks for your help


For instance  :
OcclusionCalculator -models=C:ImaginationPowerVRGraphicsSDKSDK_3.0ExamplesAdvancedNavigation3Dtemp -index=modelindex.nav -near=1 -far=1000 -subdivx=2  -subdivy=2  -subdivz=2 -camera=cameratrack.pod -pathsteps=2 


but what is the subdivx ,y,z and what is the exact meaning of pathstep ( is it per city block ? )

thanks in advance


Hi David,

the example command line is a bit misleading. The occlusion calculator is able to run in two different modes:
 - in the first mode it uses a regular spatial subdivision and the degree of the subdivision is configurable via the command line (-subdivx/y/z)
 - in the second mode the occlusion data is generated along a camera path; the number of subdivisions along the path is configurable with "-pathsteps"

It can only run in one of the modes at a time. In your example it uses the camera path for occlusion data generation.



Thanks alot for your answer 

The application is now generating 10.7 MB  mega  * 24,
I though that  i will get only an occlusion.nav FILE.
the name of the files are prfiexd with  : tilemap_CM_US_IL_CHICAGO_008_015_L.DAE.pod ...
my command line is 
OcclusionCalculator -models=C:ImaginationPowerVRGraphicsSDKSDK_3.0ExamplesAdvancedNavigation3Dtemp -index=modelindex.nav -near=1 -far=1000 -camera=cameratrack.pod -pathsteps=2 -o=test 

do you have any idea why i dont have my occlusiondata.nav ?

thanks i am fighting with this  things.


dgu2012-11-01 15:49:55


the " -camera" must be specified with the right camera track file in the right path and it work well !!!

super cool