Newbie question: POD with PFX?

I have a POD file that contains several meshes (cardboard boxes, ladders, crates, tires, walls, floor, ceiling, car, etc). I successfully modified the IntroducingPOD Xcode project to load my pod. I was also able to apply a texture using the PVRShaman tool, which loaded fine in the scene.

I’m now ready to add a reflection to the body of the car visible in my scene. I modified the IntroducingPFX project and was able to see the effect I want on my car, but because of the way the demo is written, it also adds the same texture and effect to every other mesh in the scene. Rather than searching through all of the code to change this, I thought possibly I could find another demo that was more in-line with what I needed. That is, multiple meshes (each with their own texture) and the use of an effect for one of the textures.

The problem that I’m finding is I can’t figure out which demo is the best place to start. I’ve looked at the MagicLantern project, the Shader project, the SkyBox2 project, OcclusionQueries, ChameleonMan and many others. I’ve started making changes to many of these (always creating a back-up of the original) projects, but I always quit as I feel there must be a better place to start. They all seem to implement things so differently that I can’t get a grasp of which would be the best to use as a starting point.

If you guys wouldn’t mind, I could sure use some direction. Thanks so much!


We currently don’t have an Example that is particularly well suited to your use case. I would suggest starting from one of our most basic Examples (e.g. IntroducingPVRShell) and then extending it’s functionality to load POD files, read PFX files and apply effects to the meshes in your scene to suit your use case.

I’ve noted your feedback. This will be kept in mind when planning a future SDK roadmap.



Thanks Joe.

Hi Blamejane & Joe :slight_smile:

I’d just like to say I’m in a very similar position.

I’ve been learning PVRShaman and shader programming for the last six months, and I now have a POD file consisting of 2 meshes. Each mesh has a different material, and these materials are composed of PFX files which is where my vertex and fragment shader code resides. The shaders refer to textures in their calculations.

I am now in the position of trying to create a program that parses the POD, loads the meshes and associated materials, and their associated shaders and textures etc.

What attracted me to the POD format was the idea that I could create meshes in Blender, develop materials/shaders visually in PVRShaman and then use the PVRSDK to load all these things into a nice structure in my C++ code.

It would be really helpful to see at least one demo program that shows how to set up such a system using the SDK.

I feel similar to Blamejane in that I feel I must be missing something obvious - is there a part of the SDK dedicated to loading up PODs and associated resources into a tree structure or something? Sort of like what must be happening in the Load method of PVRShaman, but callable via the PVRSDK?

If this isn’t currently available, something like this would be a really helpful addition to the SDK. It would leave developers able to concentrate on writing shaders and application specific code whilst taking care of some of the wiring in between :slight_smile:



Hi Andre,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve added it to our feedback system along side Blamejane’s input.