No-lines in 3ds MAX09 POD files


I downloaded the SDK recently and added the PVRGeoPOD.dle (1.05) to the 3ds MAX 2009 station (PC windows). I created a simple terrain from heigh map and used a .BMP for texture. I draw few lines (splines-Bezier), a loft, a target camera and an omni light on top.  I was able to export my scene using the PVR POD plugin (Export->PVR; with OpenGL coord, export splines, Normals, Mapping channles, Inetrleave on).  But, when I openned the generated POD file with PVRShaman, all were there except for the lines which were removed. What was the problem? Please help. 



Another weird thing, when I downloaded the same POD file to run on the target (an OMAP3 board with PVR SDX), the terrain was dotted with opaque areas (dark) where the shadows are supposed to be. I didn't get this problem with PVRShaman. But when I used another tool to generate POD files such as AccTrans3D (3ds MAX9 Export-->AccTrans 3D Import-->Collada export-->Collada file-->Collada2POD Import-->POD file export), the opaque areas were gone, but my initial camera position was all wrong. Thus, was there a problem? and btw, is there a tool to generate Collada from POD file that I could use for debugging? Please help and many thanks in advance.

My rendering program is similar to SDK examples with simple shaders.

Hi Robert,


Sorry for the delay getting back to you on this issue. Sadly, PVRGeoPOD does not export lines. This is the reason they did not show up in PVRShaman.

We do not have any utility to generate a Collada file from POD either.

About the problem with the dark areas, I believe we followed this issue with TI, sadly, we do not have  a solution yet for the camera problem. If you could send us the Collada file to that might help.