Opencv with Opencl on power VR series 6 GPUs


Does any of power VR series 6 GPUs are validated with Opencv with Opencl libraries ?

If so , Can you suggest me which development board is enough to run Opencv with Opencl ?

What is the maximum work group size with power VR series 6 GPUs ?



We have not directly contributed to OpenCV OpenCL acceleration, and I’m not aware of any OpenCV work done for Rogue, so I can’t comment further in that regard.

For OpenCL development, we would recommend the Dell Venue 8. However, as above, I’m unaware if a Rogue accelerated OpenCV implementation has been developed.

The maximum work group size should be queried per device. You can use the OpenCL API function: clGetDeviceInfo() with the parameter CL_DEVICE_MAX_WORK_GROUP_SIZE.