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Series6 offline OpenCL compiler



This discussion was created from comments split from: The complete guide to PowerVR Rogue GPUs: specifications, features, API support.


Any chance of getting an offline (target) OpenCL compiler for the Series6 on Windows or Linux?

It would be great for development.


Hi Allan,

Are you looking for a profiling compiler or one that produces binaries?

At this time, we do not have a Series6 OpenCL profiling compiler. As the demand for OpenCL increases, we will increase the priority of OpenCL profiling compiler development accordingly. Currently, our SDK and tools development resources are focused on features for OpenGL ES.





I was looking for a workstation compiler that would, at the least, provide a report on the kernel’s register allocation and spills when targeting a particular Series 6 variant.


Unfortunately, the only suggestion I have is to use PVRTune (our GPU profiler) to identify performance spikes and bottlenecks when running your kernel on a target device. We’re not actively developing OpenCL shader profiling tools, so it’s unlikely that we will have one to share any time soon.




Thanks, I’ll try that.



A package of offline OpenCL profiling compilers for OS X and Linux has now been uploaded to our developer support portal (you can find it here).

This initial release does not contain documentation and the profiling data is somewhat limited. It should help though :slight_smile: