OpenGLES2 and MinGW64 support?

I’ve successfully used PVRFrame libraries on MinGW32 as GLES emulator. After switching to MinGW64 to get full c++11 standard support II’ve downloaded and integrated the latest PVRFrame GLES2 x64 libraries to my MinGW64 environment. I could compile my GLES2 sources without any failure. But on runtime my application crashes if I try to crate a VBO:

[Fri May 17 11:09:15 2013]: OpenGLES2.0 demo v1.0
[Fri May 17 11:09:15 2013]: EGL version: 1.3
[Fri May 17 11:09:15 2013]: Driver vendor: Imagination Technologies (Host: (null))
[Fri May 17 11:09:15 2013]: OpenGL version: OpenGL ES 2.0 (Host: (null))
[Fri May 17 11:09:15 2013]: Graphics card : PVRVFrame 9.4 - Host (OpenGL) (Host: (null)) (SDK Build: 3.0@2224087)
[Fri May 17 11:09:15 2013]: Supported OpenGL ES extensions :

[Fri May 17 11:09:15 2013]: EGL window created.
[Fri May 17 11:09:15 2013]: EGL windows surface created.
[Fri May 17 11:09:15 2013]: EGL render context created.

I simple call:

GLuint vertexbuffer;
glGenBuffers (1, &vertexbuffer);

As you can see, the OpenGLES2 environment is set up correctly. I could check the GLES2 extensions and successfully initialize and create the required EGL objects (Display, Window, RenderContext). But if I call a standard OpenGL Extensions, this call fails (same also on GLSL shader object creation). My GLES2 sources are correctly, I use the same sources on Android ADT platform, without any issue.

Is it possible to use this great PVR emulator on MinGW64?

Best regards,

Hi Hellhound,

At this point in time, we have no plans to support MinGW. If demand from our community increases we may consider supporting it in the future.

I’ve filed the issue as BRN42934 in our bug tracker in case we can find an easy fix for the issue.