PoweVR OGLES2.0 for S60 libraries


I’ve downloaded the OpenGL ES 2.0 sdk for S60 and I have a couple of problems building some samples. It seems there are some libraries missing, mainly libglesv2.lib and libEGL.lib.
I’ve found them form Windows/Linux but not for symbian.
Am I missing something?

Thank you.

We only provide OpenGL ES libraries (PC emulation) for Windows and Linux. You have to obtain the drivers and libraries for a specific platform from the platform provider.

Thank you for your response.

I assumed that if the sdk is targeted for TI OMAP3430 platforms you will provide the drivers/libraries also.

To be honest I was looking for a more pc graphics cards approach, that would’ve been a first for the mobile world: the graphic chip manufacturer to provide all the drivers/libraries required to take full advantage of the power of the chip. Depending on the platform builder usually results in crippled and/or very late drivers resulting poor applications that waste an excelent platform…

Thank you again.