OS output differences PVRTexToolCLI


I’m trying to track down a difference in a file that gets written out when running PVRTexToolCLI on the same input file from Nov 2018 til now… and the only difference I can think of is that we’ve upgraded OS’es (from High Sierra to Mojave) The version of PVRTexToolCLI we’ve been using hasn’t changed… so is it possible that I would get slight differences in output from an OS change?

Here’s the flags we were passing:
/projects/asset_framework/tools/PVRTexToolCLI -legacypvr -m -q pvrtcnormal -f PVRTC1_2_RGB -i input.png -o test.pvr


What kind of “difference” are you experiencing? Does the same happens with a different format like ETC or with a different input image? PVRTC compressor is quite complex code and might be affected by accuracy in the run-time libraries.

Best regards.