PC Emulation - Multisampling

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Before I'll port my application to iPone OS, I develop it completely on Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010, PowerVR OGLES2_WINDOWS_PCEMULATION_2.06.26.0649.


Despite I setup necessary parameters to allow my applicaiton display antialiased 3D objects, I can not achieved desired effects:


 const EGLint pi32ConfigAttribs[] =
  EGL_LEVEL,    0,


  • Can you please confirm that there are no issues with multisampling and Windows Emulator?
  • Can you advice what else to test or try, to get the desired multisampled output? 
  • What additional specifications do you need to better understand the possible cause of the problem?

    • I have:

      • Intel based CPU
      • nVidia GTX 260 graphics.
      • Video driver: nVidia 64Bit, v.258.96
      • nVidia Control Panel: v.2.8.313.10

  • As a test application, I ran the following, but received no change in graphics output at all: "C:Program Files (x86)Imagination TechnologiesPOWERVR SDKOGLES2_WINDOWS_PCEMULATION_2.06.26.0649BinariesTrainingCourseIntroducingPODOGLES2IntroducingPOD.exe" -FSAAMode=4
  • Should I enable multisampling for OpenGL somewhere in the graphics card settings? I did not find anything OpenGL related.

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Rene.Kubicka2010-08-30 20:37:58


Thx for your feedback. Actually there is a problem with Multisampling within Pcemulation from SDK 2.6 . It will be fixed in our very soon to be released SDK 2.7.


The 2.7 SDK should now be available from our website:


Hi Gordon,


thank you for this announcement. I will try it asap.