PC emulator - wglChoosePixelFormatARB absent


I have tried to run one of demos on my PC but I got error:

PVR: VFrame attempted to use one of this functions
PVR: wglChoosePixelFormatARB
PVR: but they are not present on your machine

and in Debug output:

ERROR Host GL implementation does not expose a pixel format compatible with the OpenGL ES configuration required

What that mean ? Does not my hardware support this function ?  My graphic card supports opengl 1.2.


It means you will either have to update your OpenGL driver or, more likely, upgrade your graphics card in order to use our OpenGL ES PC Emulation.

I get the exact same error on NVIDIA geForce 210. I updated the driver to the latest from their website, but still get the same error. Can you please advice as to what all cards do you support.