Performance issue under X11


I made some benchmarks based on the TrainingCourse 01.

I upped the resolution to 1280x720.

With X11 binary, average FPS is 38.

With raw binary, average FPS is 100.

Am I missing something (like a special module for X11), or should I concentrate developping directly on the framebuffer ?

Thank you.

Which platform are you running this on? Without knowing it is hard to offer advice.

Sometimes there are optimisations that can be made that aren’t possible or are more difficult for rendering with a windowing system than without. Also, this application was never designed to be a benchmarking tool so it might be unwise to take too much store from performance results coming from it.  

Oups, sorry, I forgot to mention the platform !

It’s on an OMAP3540 (igepv2 board).

I know the training course purpose isn’t benchmarking, but as it’s basically just clearing the screen, I wanted to see the performance (in comparison with our own piece of softwre).