Slow X11 OGLES rendering


I actually own an openpandora devel board (which has a PowerVR SGX 530 chipset), and i encounter a serious problem. In the SDK, there is some raw and x11 sample code, and they work great. But when using the x11 samples, the frame per seconds are very low compared to the raw ones.

I’v writed a sample code, based on the raw and x11 “01” init sample code, and while under X i get around 100 fps with the X code, and 200 fps with the raw one. I’v also tested a lot of other code, including quake 3, with the same result.

Is there a reason for that, are you aware of this ?

Thanks in advance,

There are some known issues in the Graphics driver path for X WS on the OMAP3 platform, that consume more cycles than the NULL WS path for certain bit depths. This will be released on the EVM by June, and the Pandora team will hopefully update to that.



Ok, great to know.

Thanks for the fast reply,

Any news ? The issue is still there even with latest driver.