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PFX file texture limit?



PVRShaman fails to compile a pfx file if there are more than 20 textures listed. Is there a way to edit this max textures variable. I am able to increse m_nMaxTextures to 30 in the CPVRTPFXParser, but I have to trick the PVRShaman into assigning effects that come from a pfx file with 30 textures.

Is there a reason for the 20 texture limit?


Hi Darren,

You’re correct that the limitation comes from the value of m_nMaxTextures in the Tools code. Unfortunately, the tools are compiled into Shaman as a static library, so you would need a new build of Shaman to overcome this limitation. This limitation is already filed as a bug as BRN29243, and should be fixed in a future release (where the arbitrary number will be removed entirely).

If you really need to get around this limitation rather than using multiple .PFX files, we can send you a customised build of Shaman as a short term fix. If you want to do this, please email and reference this forum post, and we will send an updated version of Shaman to you.