Dear Team,

Following the testing on pod export tools 3ds max plugin based , i am not able to make work the option merge pfx, pvr , do you have the same effect by your side ?


david g


It’s working fine here with 3DS Max 2013 x64. My test case was modifying an exported scene in PVRShaman by adding a PFX file and updating the textures to be .pvr files (they must have the same filename as before, just with the .pvr extension). Then I re-exported the scene over the old file but with the merge option ticked and my changes were still present.

Is this how you’re using the option?



Hello Scott,

sure i use the option , but the re export override completely my pod and remove the reference to the pfx , that is sad :slight_smile:

maybe i am doing something wrong but the step are quite simple

that could be wonderfull if even diffuse,specular, ,ambiant material color could be exported in the pfx, for fast dev and testing it s very usefull…specially if you do this operation more than 100 per day.

for now i access multi sub by scripting…but an unified way of doing this could be wonderfull.



Hi David,

Did you ever work this out? Sorry that we didn’t get back to you sooner on this one, it seems to have fallen to the bottom of the pile! We’re still looking into deciding the future of PVRShaman and what we’ll do with it, so we’ll bear your suggestions in mind.