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Port to Dev Kit


I’m current working with a the PC emulator. However, we’ve recently have gotten hold of several OMAP Zooms.

What changes would be necessary to port compile/port a demo over to the zoom (assuming we’ve installed the necessary fs and drivers).


To port the SDK applications to this platform you need the PVRShell from the appropriate SDK that should be available from the board supplier (TI in this case). Please contact them for this SDK.


Are you referring to acquiring the appropriate OS-specific PVRShells files for on OS put on the device?

or would TI have an entirely different shell.


Sorry - my initial answer may have been a bit misleading/oversimplified:

We can’t legally supply you with an

SDK directly or (while it’s not freely available) comment on exactly what’s in TI’s SDK as they release

it. As TI distribute the SDK for this device it is possible they may have changed it so that PVRShell is not present - we don’t work with their SDK here so I can’t say for certain.

That said, it’s most likely the case that a PVRShell (or very similar) for this

specific platform will be in the SDK and then porting from one of our SDKs to this device

should be straightforward. The first step for you is to contact TI for their SDK. If you have trouble with it then they may be able to help you or you can ask here - it’s possible we may be able to answer your questions.

I hope this makes things more clear.


just my 2 cents…

In terms of changes necessary, you may have to modify the pvrshell to call the appropriate APIs on the OMAP device, if this is not provided by the vendor already. Depending on windowing device and other particularities of that platform. It should not be much trouble, at most a couple of days work Smile