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PowerVR Graphic 3.0 SDK downloading slow


PowerVR Graphic 3.0 SDK downloading by new installer is SO SLOW! From China.

Any ideas?


Hi fjz13,

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience this may cause and are aware of the download speed problems in China. Our team are working to resolve the issue with some alternative solutions. Thank you for your understanding.



webby2012-09-25 16:22:20


Hi there,

The same is in Russia.
The download hangs on second-fourth component.


At last downloaded.

But shader editor fails with segmentation fault.
If I ran it as sudo: “QLocalSocket::connectToServer: Connection refused” 
Ubuntu 12.04 x64



We are aware of issues on Linux and are currently putting resources in to solving the problem.
As a work-around, you can run the applications as super-user by executing $ sudo ./PVRShaderEditor.

The connection refused error message you see will be displayed after the next subsequent run of the utility, if the utility failed to shut down properly (as it did in this case because of the crash). Running again as sudo should work, however.


Yeah, it helped.

Thanks ))


PowerVR SDK 3.0 download speed is still so slow in Korea as well. I failed to download twice already. It says that it will take 15 hours to complete, but it was the same as 8 hours ago.

Jiho Choi


Hi Guys,

We are aware of the download speed issues in a number of countries and are working to resolve the problem.  Apologies for the inconvenience.



hi, I can’t install the 3.0 now. it is too slowly. why not like old version? download what we want.


Hi Folks,

I really can’t apologise enough for the inconvenience this is causing. We are aware of the issues and we are working to resolve it, I promise.



Any progress?


We’re still working on it. I really can’t apologise enough.


Please, if someone conclude the download, send us a Torrent… Please!



Can you share some details about your SDK download, for example:

  1. Where in the world you are
  2. Which packages you have selected for download
  3. The time of day - in UTC - that you are attempting to download the SDK
  4. At what point during the download is it failing (immediately, halfway through, when the downloaded files are unpacking)?

    We’re still trying to isolate the cause of the problem. The more information you can share with us, the easier it will be for us to find a solution. Thanks for your patience, and apologies for this becoming a blocking issue for you.

    For anyone else reading this discussion - please post if you are also seeing this issue. We’re still trying to understand how widespread this problem is.