PowerVR Graphics SDK download speed in South Africa

This discussion was created from comments split from: PowerVR Graphic 3.0 SDK downloading slow.

It’s still pretty darn slow in South Africa. I’m seeing 16 to 17 Kbytes per second. 2GB download estimated to take 1.5 day to download. I’m on a 4 MB ADSL. I just downloaded XCode over the same connection, also around 2GB, it took 20 minutes.


Thanks for reporting the problem. Since the discussion you originally posted in, we stopped hosting the SDK on our own server and moved to an externally hosted solution. So far, this has proven to be a much more effective solution (we’ve had very few issues reported since the move).

Are you running the latest SDK installer from our website?

I’ll contact our Web Services team to help us isolate the cause.