PowerVRSDKSetup-3.0r2 cannot connect to its remote server to download the the required files

It simply does not connect, from silicon valley. I have tried different internet connection and times.

The error is: Unable to download component Utilities: Error getting URL http://install.powervrinsider.com/components/3.0/utilsdownload-3.0-windows.pak

The same problem for Linux64 too:

Please wait while the installer downloads the required files.

Downloading required files
0% ______________ 50% ______________ 100%
Unable to download component Utilities: Error getting URL http://install.powervrinsider.com/components/3.0/utilsdownload-3.0-linux-x64.pak
Abort, Retry, Ignore ? [A/r/i]r

Please advise.


This is the first report we’ve had for this issue. I’d suggest retrying at a different time of day. You might have been unlucky and happened to update at the same time that the web team were making changes to the web server.

We’re looking into the issue now. Let us know if the problem persists.