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Preferred development OS when using the PowerVR Graphics SDK



We’d like to get a better understanding of how our development community utilises our SDK and Utilities. Please let us know which OS you use the most when developing graphics applications :slight_smile:


1 vote for linux only ? if people knew that The SDK work so great on Ubuntu !!!



Please Vote for Pedro


Wow, goes to show how many (few) people are keeping an eye on the forums huh!

I confess to use both Windows and OSX but have shifted more towards to OSX/iOS due to the somewhat buggy Windows PVRFrame drivers. I wonder what others have to say about this?

Editing - Visual Studio is still king (Edit and Continue and C++ refactoring please Apple!) so Windows, on Parallels for Mac must remain in my inventory. Any comments on my solution anyone?


Hi Mysticcoder,

Can you expand on which parts of PVRVFrame you’ve found to be buggy? Are you referring to bugs that have already been discussed on the forum, or are you hitting different problems?




Windows. Primarily because of Visual Studio and not the OS as such. Also USB drivers which can work instantly if I want to connect my android phone and launch my NDK compiled code in no time to test the code n device. Only sad part is that I cannot do the same for iOS devices :frowning:


About the sdk on Linux(all tools included ), except little exception in the Shalaman tools that happend sometimes , the dev is very confortable the main problem really is that it become s like a drug to use this framework

No prob with texture compression, no performance issue and i am developing on IOS as well (only for testing packaging my project ).


FYI guys, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to post, its really appreciated :slight_smile:

As new people see this, please vote, it’s important to us :slight_smile:


the prob is that Linux people are very shy…or too busy :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m brand new to the forum & PVR SDK! I use Windows the most because it is so well supported, but Linux is also important to me.