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Projects that extend SDK functionality


Over the last few months we’ve seen a number of utilities and tools that extended the POWERVR SDK to provide functionality that is very specialised, or add niceties that hadn’t even crossed our minds. Some of these include POD exporter plug-ins for modelling programs we don’t support yet, thumbnail PVR texture viewers for file explorers and scripts that make it even easier to setup and start working with new target OSs.

I’d like to use this topic as a centralised place for all POWERVR Insiders, and the staff at Imagination, to share information about open source and freely available projects to encourage developers to use and contribute to them.

Can I also remind everyone that any projects shared here will not be maintained or directly supported by Imagination, so you will have to contact the relevant parties that are responsible for the projects if you encounter issues, have any questions or have any suggestions for improvements.

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JoeJoe2011-01-14 17:02:12


To get people started, here's a link to the NewTek forum where Warmi (a regular contributor to this forum) has discussed a POD exporter he has written for the Lightwave modelling application.

Tobias2011-09-21 10:23:47


I have just done a perl pod read/writer that is a transliteration of the c code.

Quite a useful tool for getting at the details of pod data.

Soon to finish the translationof my perl based sdk for the Animation Master patch

Based modeling from Hash Inc.


What about turning the whole SDK sources into some proper FOS project? Thus you would benefit from community contribution with minimal involvement.