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PVRGeoPOD/3dsmax9 exporter bug



It appears the PVRGeoPOD/3dsmax9 exporter doesn’t export vertex colors correctly. It drops the blue and alpha color channels, only exporting red and green. I tried a variety of export modes for color (ARGB/RGBA/float/etc) and all exhibit the same behavior.

gfm2009-04-05 07:17:05


This is being covered by email as mentioned in the thread here:


The thread you’re referencing is a separate issue… sorry I wasn’t clear. I didn’t know the exporter changed so significantly between 2.02 and 2.04. This thread is for color export problems with the 2.02 exporter.


Files that repro the problem have been emailed to

gfm wrote:
Files that repro the problem have been emailed to




Re-exporting your colourful cube with plug-in using ARGB for colour works fine for me in my test app. I'm using Max 2008, which version are you using? Also, what values are you passing to glColorPointer?






I’m using Max 9. Maybe that’s the problem?

I observed the A and B channels weren’t exporting properly by looking at the binary data in memory (after of course, many hours thinking I wasn’t setting up glColorPointer correctly). In ARGB white exports as 0x00FFFF00. In my example the blue vertices are exported as transparent black, 0x00000000.


I have the same problem with 3dsmax 9, I have to export the model to collada then extract the vertex color and insert in the POD file.


I believe work on this issue is ongoing, but it should be improved in one of our next releases.


Is this resolved, we are using vertex colors extensively in our title and we need them to export properly.

If not in the exporter then does someone have some code to loop over the vertex color data in the PODMesh and fix it?