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PVRGeoPOD - Maya 2015 crash



This discussion was created from comments split from: Maya 2015.


The plugin of Maya2015 is always crash.

And could you give us the source code?


Actually, when I use Maya2015 to export a large scene, the maya2015 crashed.



I found that when I triangulate the meshes, it worked.

And I will be appreciate if you share the resource code with me.



Hi Rambo,

I’m glad to hear you have the export working now. Our PVRGeoPOD User Manual details the features and limitations of the format. The document is hosted on our website here.

We do not release the source code of our utilities. Our SDK includes everything you would need to write a POD importer/exporter though. You can find the POD File Format Specification here. The Tools directory of our SDK includes POD loading code. The source is available in our Native_SDK GitHub repository and through our SDK installer.




Hi Rambo,

The PVRGeoPOD lead engineer has requested your Maya scene so he can investigate the crash. We should handle this more gracefully (e.g. display a warning instead of crashing).

If you would like to share this privately, you can attach it to a support ticket: