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PVRGeoPOD: User Defined




I am using PVRGeoPOD to export my scene. Is there a way to export an object specific properties found in “properties->User Defined”?

This could be use for exporting specific object attributes.

I am guessing that if this is not possible I would need to create my own POD exporter? Can we add to the current exporter? Does the source code can be found and add-on?



Our 2.9 SDK release (which will be on the site soon) will allow you to define a MaxScript that the exporter will call allowing you to, in theory, get the object specific properties and get them added to a POD node. So though the 2.8 release doesn't have a way the 2.9 should.
I'm afraid we don't release the source code for our utilities so you wouldn't be able to add to the current exporter but it has been known for some people to write their own version of the exporter for other 3D modeling packages.


Instead of having separate exporters for Max and other apps …I think it would be more productive for everybody involved to have a standalone tool to convert fbx files to pod files.

This would cover the Autodesk universe not to mention shield you from having to deal with multiple versions of 3ds max , Maya etc …