PVRShaman as.....eclipse plugin

Will it be possible one day to integrate the PVRSHAMAN as an eclipse Plugin , it could make your life more easier and more portable no?

it s possible to call method from eclipse for shader compilation already and i dont see the GL binding as an Issue.

link program to fragment shader, vertex could be visual like a beautifull diagram where navigation is link naturally to edition, smooth fast, auto completion , pfx semantic integrated…glsl antlr as well…

let me dream :slight_smile:



eclipse plateform and tooling sdk are wonderfull

might be a good idea for an open source project …

the tools should as well create project from sample , with only the sdk path as argument nothing else.

ndk integration ??

Hi David,

We prefer the idea of keeping our tools separate from tight IDE integration as, in many cases, the benefits would be limited and our current approach makes our tools very portable (Windows, Mac & Linux with no dependencies on specific IDEs or other tools).

Currently, most SDK users develop with Visual Studio or XCode, so Eclipse integration would only benefit a small subset of our users. However, if we have enough requests for this and we can see significant benefits in doing so, then we can consider it.



and with only two vote for linux in the pol, i cant say much :slight_smile: :-/